Cross core coatings, because this is a problem in 2021 👎

It’s bad enough that they took away coloring your Spartan whatever you want but now they ask you to pay money for the colors you want but just to put a cherry on top, if that coating isn’t for the core you want it on you’re just out of luck… this is such a glaring problem it exacerbates the flaws in halo infinites customization and monetization, a simple fix that comes to me as common sense, but I guess I’m the crazy one in todays gaming world, is make all coatings available across all armor or cores. Destiny 2’s shaders are a perfect example of how to color customization, colors are not locked to every Piece of armor you can mix match things as ugly as you want. A majority of colors are obtained through gameplay experiences and the ones you buy out of the shop aren’t $2-$5 for one shader it’s more like $2-$5 for a whole bunch of colors. I only assume the reasons for 343i making their system the way it is, is because the game lacks the content and progression to achieve a acceptable and fulfilling customization experience.