Cross Buy Between Xbox One and Xbox Series X

I sincerely apologize if this was already asked, but I’m wondering if it has addressed yet whether there will be cross buy between Xbox One and Xbox Series X. To be clear, hypothetically if I buy Halo Infinite for Xbox One, will it automatically work with the Xbox Series X if I buy the new console a few months after it’s launch?

I don’t believe this has been officially confirmed yet, but I’d imagine the answer is “yes”. I believe you will have a copy of Halo Infinite (or whatever game you purchase) tied to your Microsoft account which you can download onto any platform your prefer (XBOne, XsX, PC, etc).
Not 100% positive though.

From what we know - the new Xbox systems will be backwards compatible with X1 games and X1 will be forward compatible with the Nextbox games. So that would mean that there will only be one release of Halo Infinite that will work on both systems.

My hope is that it will be cross-purchase and cross-progress between the 2. I’m wanting to buy Xbox Series X but won’t be able to when it launches. I will have Game-Pass though when infinite launches on my Xbox One so I’m hoping I’ll be able to carry that progress over if I get the Series X.

Thanks for the responses. I’m leaning the same way as you guys, but in this industry you really never can tell. Glad to see others are on the same page.

I guess this isn’t officially confirmed, but this is definitely happening. I know the Series X is technically a new console line, but Halo Infinite is a cross-gen game. It is a “play anywhere” title. It is also coming to the PC. One purchase gets you Xbox one, Series X, and PC. Series X is confirmed to be back compat. Do not know what Xbox is going to do about physical discs, but I am assuming there will be one disc for Halo Infinite that works for Xbox One and the new Xbox Series consoles.