Cronus zen is cheating

If u are using a cronus zen to have zero recoil on your weapons u should get banned. this is not fair play to others. this makes sense now when it came to other competitive shooters smh


Its also very hard to detect this device connected to the console so its hard to ban someone for using it. Also as being a cheating device to give you rapid fire among other things its totally unfair advantage to people who are playing legit. Reminds me of the old game shark devices back in the day.

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The problem is that it imitates an HID (Human Interface Device) on any system its used with.

It’s very unfair and users of it should be banned on an IP/Hardware level, but it’s just not detectable.

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But surely this means they should have moderators who can rewatch matches that players have been involved in to look for inconsistencies between games and what people are seeing and doing in game this way there would be moderation but it wouldn’t require too many staff involved as the staff could address issues as they get to them without having to constantly watch thousands if not millions of matches all happening at the same time.

It’s not that difficult - consoles run on Windows, and the hardware connected has a unique hardware ID (Not MAC). They would just need to plug one into a PC, get that code and then scan for all devices matching the same criteria and ban them.

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They don’t have that kind of access and have stated they wont.

When did they state this?

yeah really, looked this up and was reminded of all the weird 3rd party controllers for Xbox and PS2 that had “turbo” buttons built right on to them. weird.