Criticizing Halo&343 isthe bestway tohelptheseries

favyn’s new video thought it was a good listen


edit: after watching most of the video, it isn’t really demonstrating anything new. The real topic starts around 1:50, anything before is him defending himself against what I assume is accusations he has received from comments.

Constructive criticism is openly welcome here on the forums. That’s the whole point of leaving feedback, to improve the quality of the game. I don’t think a thirteen minute video is necessary to remind me that constructive criticism can change Halo.

I thought the video was pretty boring and his tone of voice egotistical, but that’s just my impression. Aside from that his content has been said before numerous times on these forums.

I didn’t watch the whole thing; it was a bit long. However, I understand where he’s coming from with what he is saying. The whole idea of criticizing features and such lets 343 know what we think about it, and helps them better tune the game to what we the fans ultimately want. However, the criticism I tend to see is non constructive criticism, which helps no one.