Criticise, don't complain

I see many people complaining about how “343 sux” and “MCC was absolutely terrible.” How about instead of complaining pointlessly, we actually help them make halo 5 better? It you don’t like halo 5 right now, keep in mind that it is a BETA. Many things can and will change, so instead of saying " I hate it" say things like “I think the grenades do a little too much damage.” It will help 343 out a lot more. Also, to the people saying the MCC was bad, battlefield 4 was broken for a year, while this game was HALF broken for a month. The campaigns were great. In conclusion, criticize, don’t complain.

After playing several matches, I believe that the grenade AOE should be reduced. It would help to cut the grenade spam I see way too much, and just help gun play over all.

Another thing is to lower the Damage of weapons like the BR and the DMR at close range. Three shots at close range with a BR kills you, that’s worse than H4’s!
But then at range it’ll take 8-10 shots from 100 feet away… That’s needs to change. If you’re going to be 100 feet away, it should be 4-5 shots.

Another is to make the maps more balanced. Eden for example, a Sniper rifle and an Energy sword. One team always gets the sword, and the other the sniper rifle. I liked Empire because both got the Sniper rifle and make for some cool sniper duels.

Now a Bug I found, I do not know if this is noted. But after playing two matches and you go to the spartan customization screen, your spartan is pink instead of the colors you want for it. Just a minor bug.

Yeah… you are right.
Well let’s get started.
-I think the DMR and the BR do a lot of damage.
-The DMR shoots very fast.
-The SMG fire rate is very high.
-343 should remove the aiming from the AR and the SMG.

Let’s try to help 343 Industries.

Criticism is what i post.

Why is there still flinch? Weren’t you guys explicit when you said flinch is out, de scope is in? instead we now have BOTH which is not only limited, but shows a lack of honesty on 343 part.-RESOLVED-


Yes we wanted this back, Yes it IS back BUT. now there is a delay on when you can scope back in, the sniper rifle already has a horrible scope time, and furthermore since a single bullet from the ar, which is now a PINPOINT accurate weapon will de scope enjoy getting kicked out of scope the second your in it now.


Why were recoil mechanics added to ALL guns? Did the scientifically enhance super soldiers wearing 1000 pound power armour skip on arm day, and if these weapons recoil for them, they must be IMPOSSIBLE for a non augmented soldier to fire right?


“Its not ads” Except it IS ads, especially on the ar, which is now a valid threat at all ranges,it’s a starting weapon which is s’posed to be a weapon that will work until you come to a better weapon, right now it is a jack of all trade, master of none, it presents far to good of a threat against all other weapons, including the sniper rifle (giving the pinpoint accuracy and ability to descope on one shot) if smartlink is s’posed to be a new animation for the existing zoom it should in NO way modify the way a weapon works, zooming in a weapon does NOT make it more accurate, so WHY does it make the SMG and AR more accurate?


The net code for the beta is horrendous, i mean, seriously, it makes battlefield 4 look good, i should not get hit by a single ar shot, and suddenly die in .2 seconds later, Halo has always been a game where skill prevail, where even if you get shot you CAN turn around and present a valid threat to your attacker, right now, you might as well start thinking about your next move if you get shot first, cause you will die.


Is it just me, or are kill time SIGNIFICANTLY faster then even halo 4(which had the fastest kill of all halo) this is NOT a good thing, halo has always been fast pace action, but slower pace combat, where combat takes several seconds to complete with non power weapons, this made power weapons all the more important for their ability to instantly kill, it also allowed skills to prevail over reflex, which set it aside from other shooters. While not 100% accurate, i have always classified halo (and other FPS) into two types, Twitch shooters (where first shooter generally win and twitchy caffeine drugged sugar excited children have the advantage) and skill shooters (where a player skill will allow them to overcome all obstacles) halo 5 FEELS like a twitch shooter, and not a skill shooter.


Ok got smart scope out of the way, this is feedback numeral 2, smart scope on precision weapons. Namely the visual obscurity that happens when scope on precision weapons (ala the DMR) and the time to scope on the sniper rifle, the sniper rifle should not take a half a second to scope in, this makes a logical sense if it was a “ADS” first person shooter where they need to bring the scope to the shooter eye, but it’s not its the so called smart scope which is the camera linked to the spartan HUD, when we press the button, the change over should be instant.


Now i asked this back in halo 4, but what is the point of visual hit markers? What purpose does a hit marker serve? Seriously 343 can you answer that? a player should know when they score a hit with a gun, i mean they had to aim the gun at the player and pull the trigger,didn’t they? the ONLY thing i see hit markers doing, is turning explosives into a echo location device ? Allowing you to throw it around blind corners, wait for the explosion and if you get a hit marker, it means there is a enemy behind that corner. I simply don’t understand the fascination with hit markers in this generation of games, and i find they make no sense logically, canonically, and game play wise. Furthermore, this is a exorbitant waste considering shield flare (when successful hits) has been in game since the beginning, there is ZERO reason to have hit markers other then having it because competing games have it.


Game search times are WAY to long 'Nuff said.


At no time should a game lock you into the search for player menu, until a game is finalized with two even players, players should be able to back out of that menu.


There are several annoying “kick to menu” errors while searching for a game.


This needs to be enabled, friendly fire has been a staple and game play influence feature since halo 1. It significantly impacts the way halo is played because of the risks associated with mindless grenade spam, and shooting. It needs to come back, do NOT i say again DO NOT continue to hold player hands by giving them no FF, and other noob friendly design as game play decisions.


Please return weapon pickup diagrams, so we now what weapon we are picking up at a glance, instead of having to read a sentence to find out, already had it where i picked up the WRONG weapon from a enemy kill (he dropped Prophets bane, and a BR, i ran over the sword to get it and ended up getting his stupid br instead)


Fragmentation grenades deal their damage by creating a hailstorm of small metal fragments, they do NOT deal their damage with a explosive shock wave, a frag grenade entire explosive force can be contained by a single body on top of the grenade, in no case, nor circumstance should a frag grenade be able to LAUNCH a stationary spartan airborne, currently this affect is hugely exaggerated in the beta.


This is something that would require further testing, and will be controversial, but for any console shooter a minor degree of aim assistance is necessary given a game pads inferiority in accuracy compared with a mouse and keyboard. whether halo 5 has to little to too much aim assistance will need to be tested in a controlled environment.


We need custom games in this beta, for reasons stated above, and to properly test many more technical details.


While kill cams are are pretty cool, that is NOT the case when they in inaccurate, unless the accuracy can be improved (to where when you are killed by someone it actually shows them AIMING at you and killing you) these should be removed.


The S-4 are recruited adults generally from special forces branches of the UNSC, why do they act like frat boys and college football stars after a victory? while i am not against victory animations, the current ones just makes no canonical or logical sense.


Medal are a mark of achievement, why are they so abundant? i have played around 20 games, gotten around 150 kills, i have something like 500 medals. halo 2 has 23 medals in multiplayer, halo four has over over 178 medals, please put medals in for for actual marks of achievement, medals should be something that are award for skills, not handed out like candy for every other action (babies first step MEDAL, baby first shot MEDAL, baby’s first death MEDAL!)


There is a noticeable time delay now when swapping weapons, whether this is good or bad is yet to be decided.

> 2533274857006241;3:
> Yeah… you are right.
> Well let’s get started.
> -I think the DMR and the BR do a lot of damage.
> -The DMR shoots very fast.
> -The SMG fire rate is very high.
> -343 should remove the aiming from the AR and the SMG.
> Let’s try to help 343 Industries.

I think the aiming for the AR and SMG are fine. The SMG is supposed to shoot fast.

The DMR doesn’t shoot as fast as it did in Reach or in 4, however the problem with it is that it’s damage is piss-poor at medium to long range, which makes no sense… It’s a long range weapon and it takes up to 7 shots before a guy’s shield even breaks!

And the BR is the same way, way too over powered in close quarters, and absolutely no ability at medium to long range.