Critical....Keep Out

Sprint should stay out of halo 4 even as a default. Basically, I don’t like it as much as not having it. The speed of the game is not most important. I like chess over raquet ball many times. It’s not because raq ball is slower. It is definitely not. Should I run to cover with this basic speed. I enjoy having the tension that I may not make it. All AAs should stay out of halo 4.
Remember the above is my opinion.

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and I agree with your agreeing.

Yeah, but they still need a higher general movement speed, MAYBE a little faster than previous because, in canon, spartans are ridiculously fast.

If they keep sprint though, you should be able to shoot someone sprinting and make them stop

> and I agree with your agreeing.

Yo dog, I herd you liek agreeing, so I agreed with your agree with his agree…

I hope 343 sees all of this agreeing. With no sprint it seems like the world is a better place in which we all share one thing in common: smiles. tee hee.

Halo 4 definitely needs to have faster gameplay than Reach has.

I’m going to disagree with you.

There should be sprint. Master Chief is a freaking super solider that moves at a snails pace. It makes no sense.

Why is master chief slow while theses spartans are fast and agile…that’s what I would think a super solider would have on top of being strong

Empire, you’re full of it. But I agree with you.

> Master Chief is a freaking super solider

He’s already sprinting in Halo 1/2/3. He’s been running faster than you as it is.

Friday the thirteenth - Jason is super powerful. All he does is walk. Check and mate.

And for the other guy, yes i am full of it -intelligence and good looks.

There’s no time limit on how long a Spartan can run, especially when they’re getting help from their armor. Matchmaking would just be lame with everybody running everywhere trying to shoot each other.


It Is a GAME!!! he is a super soldier so he has to run fast. Are you the guy who watches finding nemo and complains that those species of fish dont live in that water temp. reality check…Fish don’t talk either.

Its more fun to not have sprint. more of a thinking game. <----my opinion but also many others.

I agree as well. AGREETACULAR


> and I agree with your agreeing.

i agree with you agreeing with him


I think it should be in custom games if you want to create a gametype that requires sprint, but it should not be in multiplayer matchmaking.

I am agreement personified. Sprint needs to stay out of halo 4.
Anyone who disagrees with me is committing an agree-gious mistake.

Agreed. Sprint in Halo sucks.