Critical Custom Games Options Missing

Problem! I can’t make a bunch of my favorite modes.

No limited lives? No Infection? No starting equipment/infinite equipment (inb4 “just set infinite ammo” Doesn’t work.)? It’s bad enough there’s no customs browser, but at least I could play with my friends right? Sure! Sort of! And only with a bunch of important game modification options missing!

I can pay you money, and ALSO there were already some Esports events planned, so this “early launch” probably wasn’t nearly as spontaneous as people assume. This game is “done”. This is your launch product. And already I’m thinking of going back to MCC Reach and H2A so I can do basic things like limit lives and play Infection.

This core gameplay is GOOD, and I’m genuinely pumped for the Campaign, but this multiplayer is scaaant bro. I know game dev is tough. I am one, and I’ve literally never been able to finish and release a product so I GET IT. But when even this relatively simple stuff is missing it really bothers me.

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