Crimson should be main characters

I’ve really liked Sparten ops but playing as team crimson makes me feel unimportant to the story even though I do all the work while Majestic gets to be in the spotlight. It couldnt be that hard to put a custom sparten in the clip scenes, they were able to do it all throughout reach’s campaign while this is only one cutscene per week. Why?

Because it costs a lot of money to make and they are working on a budget.

Are you sure its the budget? Like I said in Reach you have your custom module 24-7 firefight and all

It not just hard, it’s next to impossible. Halo Reach was completely different as, like the rest of the series, most Halo 4 campaign cutscenes and most games, it was rendered in real time using the game engine. What that means is that the 3D models you see during gameplay are the same ones you see during cutscenes.

Spartan Ops cinematics on the other hand are like Halo Wars in that they are pre-rendered. They’re essentially like Toy Story and other CG movies, made using a more advanced rendering system independent of game engine restrictions. They’re not in-game, they’re videos like the terminals. Because of this, the 3D models are higher quality and made ahead of time. They can’t insert your character in because it’s not in-game.

The whole reason for having two main Spartan IV teams is that you have one you play as (where you choose the appearances and numbers of the members), and one that can be used in the episodes (with built in personalities and appearances).

Cinematics of you and your team before the mission begins would be much appreciated and I’m sure its in the realm of possible.

would like to see me and my friends riding into the battle on a pelican and getting dropped off (similar to the intro of reach). doesnt need the fancy graphics the videos currently use, just a 5-10 second - rendered in game - with our own custom armor, while Commander Palmer or the other guy gives the intel brief. end episodes with in game rendered video of our spartans running from an explosion or something cool like that.

Having them non-speaking in cutscenes? Sure, easy enough.

Having them speaking in cutscenes? Impractical, and a logistical nightmare, but still theoretically possible. Not advisable though.

Having them in the pre-rendered CGI cutscene? No hope in hell.

you cant even spell Spartan, and obviously have no idea how the cutscenes are made, halo reach used live action cutscenes, they werent cinimatic.

343i is under the wing of Microsoft the worlds largest software corporation. I don’t believe “budget” is an issue with Microsofts flagship console exclusive title. I believe what eben gibon king is correct.

Yeah, i mean i love what 343i has done, don’t get me wrong… they are doing an amazing job of taking over the halo franchise. But the little things like seeing my custom spartan, adds re-playability for me. So i hope that in the future we get to see crimson in a cut scene taking down some coveys

I’m in two minds about Halo 4. Lots of potential brought down by silly bugs and not quite enough thought, but as regards op, I agree. I feel detached from spops, which doesn’t help when the cookie cutter gameplay and repeated maps make it dull enough. Reach had it’s flaws, hated its multiplayer personally, but I did REALLY enjoy seeing MY spartan in the cut scenes. For me it helped me enjoy the campaign immensely.