Crimson map pack not working

HELLO i have talked to many many people about help for this problem and no one has managed to fix it so far so here it is.

the crimson map pack has stopped working while still installed i cannot use it in either multiplier or single player. i downloaded it through the war games map pass that i bought shortly after getting halo 4 but when i go into halo 4 i get a message saying “please make sure you are connected to xbox live and that the war games map pass is downloaded” i realy need to know how to fix this because i dont not want to have to rebuy the map pack


  • Redownloading map pack
  • Redownloading codes
  • Redownload your gamertag/profile.

ive tried redownloading everything already except for the war games map pass because i cannot redownload it as i didnt get it by downloading it i got it through a redeem code and that doesnt show up in downloads for me to redownload

go to your purches history on its easier to track down where it is i am still having trouble aswell

delete your profile only
delete the mappack and halo folder

clear system cache

then redownload your profile and halo4