Crimson Map Pack DLC Help

Hey, for a while now i’ve been trying to get the final two achievements i need for the crimson map pack and i want to know will the specific playlist for crimson map pack come back or is there a list of what gametypes that the maps were played in EX: Harvest in Big Team? thanks


This page should help:

It tells you which playlists feature which maps.

To access it in future simply highlight the ‘Halo 4 Intel’ tab at the top of the forums and select ‘Playlists’.

yes, lol thanks this helps :slight_smile:

Try playing with a group of friends that have the map pack as that will increase your odds of getting to play the Crimson maps. For example if you go in alone you’re counting on 9 other players to all have the Crimson DLC, whereas if you play with 4 friends you’re only looking for 5 other players to have the DLC.

Good luck.

They either need to make DLC mandatory, or put more forge maps in the rotations because the “Vanilla Sea” is getting out of hand.

I recommend going to

Join a achievement session and show up on time, I did this for a few GoW ones, and it went smoothly

Excuse me while I plug my game night here.

Me & a friend are hosting a gamenight on April 12th for those who are still in need of DLC achievements.