Crimson Map Pack Achievements Glitched

OK!! So I have this strange problem with a few achievements in the Crimson DLC. Yesterday morning I received ODST, Special Delivery, and Clay Pigeon. Now They show up when I open my Halo 4 achievements but they did not add to my gamerscore. Later on in the day I unlocked David and Goliath, and Pump Yer Brakes, They worked fine. So when I look at my list of games it says Halo 4 35 of 57 Achievements for 510 gamerscore, when I hit A on Halo 4 it says 38 of 57 and with that I should Have 610 Gamerscore. Has anyone else had this problem because it is a tad bit annoying.

Yes, I’ve seen a few topics on here about this problem, but no official word from 343i about it yet (I think).

I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen to me as that sort of thing would really bug me (I know it’s not important in the grand scheme of things but it would be annoying).

I have 3 achievements from Crimson so far and they all seem to be OK (I think).

I hope 343i fix it for you. Someone said recovering their account worked for a similar glitch on skyrim. If you try that and it works out please let me know, thanks.

I have the same problem and it is extremely annoying because I only need 3 more to have1250 gs in halo 4 but I dont actually have the gamerscore for 2 of them.

It’s probably a problem that happens when you get a map pack free and ruin an LE buyer’s day. Lol jk.

I have the same problem with the achievement ODST, fail in achievements 49/57 = 1020 gamerscore, the reality 50/57 = 1050 gamerscore.

Also other users we have another problem… There do not appear the new achievements (Crimson Map Pack) in HALO WAYPOINT (Career Waypoint), only 49 original achievements.

A greeting.

Well this same problem happende me but with Reach and it got fixed. I’m pretty shure they will fix it, don’t worry about it.

I know this happened to one of my friends, but for me, the achievements are glitched by unlocking at weird times. I got ODST and Special Delivery after I melee some guy, then he sticks me and I jump at him to kill him too. I’m pretty sure that most are glitched, because I had to get 23 kills to get the Machine gun achievement.