Crimson, Majestic, and Castle are not working

Ive contacted microsoft support and ive tried everything they said for me to do and they said i have to contact u guys. so the crimson majestic and castle map packs are not working they worked a couple days ago but when i start up halo 4 it says they are downloaded but when i either do team dlc matchmaking, forge or custom games the maps show 0% loaded and the very bottom of the screen says that ‘players are either missing content or do not have the proper dlc’ i keep on redownloading them and clearing system cache and redownloading my profile but no matter what i do they do no not work so plzzzzz help me get back the dlc.

Sound like you need a new disc.

im using digital

and btw i have all limted edition dlc that all work but not the 3 mps

Hi DREADmachine17,

Are you still experiencing this issue?

No it was because i needed to download the war games pass again

Happy to hear you’re all sorted! :slight_smile: