Crimson DLC "Unable to Validate" How to fix?

hey guys. I am trying to get the Crimson DLC to work… I had the War Games Pass since the beginning of Halo 4 and I am connected to xbox live and I am recieving this error:


Please make sure you are connected to Xbox LIVE and have the War Games Pass downloaded.

I have already tried the following steps:

  1. cleared xbox cache
  2. cleared market cache
  3. deleted the DLC crimson pack off my hard drive and reinstalled from history

I am not able to play this map pack and I did play it during the ‘trial’ period… Even after a clean delete and redownload it still won’t recognize for me.

WTF do?

11 minutes ago

Lexandro Albion
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Go to your account>download history and try downloading the War games season pass again.
10 minutes ago

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Thanks for the fast reply. I’ve done this already. I’ve re-downloaded from the history as well as completely removed the pack from my hard drive and since I couldn’t get the download link from in-game again I had to redownload from the history… waited the 5 mins for the download and I still am getting the error.

– EDIT –

I have not tried re downloading the season pass again. I will try this quick

– EDIT #2

<mark>so i do not see the war games pass in my download history… I may have not downloaded the pass when I recieved the game. I must have only been playing the map pack from the trial. How do I download the pass without paying for it? I pre ordered the war games pass before I recieved the game… should I have a code somewhere or something?</mark>

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This should answer all your questions:

Apparently those of us who downloaded the Crimson Map Pack for free during the 14 Day Try and Play period only got access to those maps for like a week or so. It was a mistake that 343i made by accident that they’re spinning into a “Trial” to play the Crimson Map Pack.

To continue to play the maps you have to delete the trial version from your hard drive and then re-download the Map Pack from the Halo 4 in game link to the Marketplace. If you did it right there will be a star next to the Marketplace link under “Waypoint” and it will go straight to the Pack. If you don’t have the War Games Season Pass you just have to buy the Crimson Map Pack for 800MP.

Hope this helps.

Please stick to your current thread:

The guy above me offers a good solution, however, so try that if you haven’t yet. :slight_smile: