Crimson DLC: Gametypes Unfair

Quick and simply put, the gametypes on the Crimson DLC are unfair to those on the opposite team. for example, you cant have a fair game in Wreckage of capture the flag because on the red teams flag, there’s a man cannon next to the flag point that takes it half way through the map with plenty of cover to make it back. Blue teams flag does not offer the same opportunity. wtf is with that!? p.s BRING BACK TEAM SNIPERS! ! ! Add Options dont take them out… like really?

343 should release a poll each week asking players what gametype is their least favourite so that 343 can take it out and replace it with a better gametype.

There should be a sub-section that allows you to decide what game type to play too.

Also, did notice it was slightly one sided on some game types, certainly something that needs looking in to.

Think about it this way: Yes Red team has a Man cannon that gets them in the Blue base quickly but once they get the flag, they have to walk all the way back to their base. Blue team, however, has to walk all the way to the Red flag but once they get it, they simply hop on that man cannon to get back to their base quickly so I think it’s pretty balanced.

Wreckage is actually fairly symetrical. Both bases have a mancannon right next to the flag that take you to the middle ridge. Your point is invalid. Just go look at the map in Forge and get a feel for it.