Crimson cobras are looking for new blood

My name is deathdealer324 and i am recruiting for my newly formed company crimson cobra now a little back story on the crimson cobras we forged back in halo 3 days in big team battle and we were unstoppable now since halo 3 days most of the original 16 members have parted ways since then but me and two others have kept the group alive ever since the day we forged it and now so many years later we are going to try to reforge the team that once was but hopefully make it better with new blood in the ranks so please if your interested message me on here or through xbox live we are accepting anybody whos willing to win and have fun doing it i and the other two are veterans of the halo franchise and have been playing since halo 1 so we are very skilled in the games so like i said if interested in joining let me know and i hope to see you on the battlefield.