Crimson Achievement Questions

Hey all, I just had a question about the new achievements in the Crimson DLC.

With the turret achievement, do you have to get 20 kills in one life? I have at least 20 on Shatter all time (I checked) and I still haven’t gotten it. Anyone heard about a bug with the achievement? I guess the same question goes with the 20 Mantis stomp kills as well.

I only have those two achievements and the flying kill in the Warthog as well (do you have to be in the gunner seat or could you hit someone with a rocket from the passenger seat and still have it count?). Thanks in advance!(:

The achievement with the turret can be done over many games. Sometimes you be a few kills over to get it to pop. As for the warthog one, I got mine by hijacking the passenger seat and beating down the driver while airborne.

To get now they fly, have a buddy and play dominion on shatter. Capture B and get the gauss hog. Happy Hunting!

Thanks to both of you! Very helpful!

For me, none of the achievements worked when I did the achievement. I’d get them when randomly in blackscreen lag in a different game. So my advice to you is go into a laggy american host game.