Crew Call - Halo 5 Machinima Short - The Search

Hi everyone!

My name is Matt Tornero, and I am about to enter production on a machinima short I am directing called The Search. I am looking for some Halo 5 users to assist in the production of this film, both in front of and behind the camera.Premise: A lowly soldier in charge of patrolling an evacuated city discovers a portal to another place, where society’s wrongs have been righted and peace reigns. Through the people they meet and the actions they take, the soldier must make a choice between staying in this perfect world or returning to the role they once played.Those who sign up will be given IMDB credit on the film. The following positions are needed:

Forgers - We are looking for users who can forge set pieces for the film. The desired sets vary from wide open roads to a massive city. The job duties include:

  • Building set pieces for the film as called for in the script - Testing maps for lighting and camera access - Reporting to the director (me) on the progress of said setsQualifications:

  • Experience in forging a wide variety of maps, experience with urban maps a plus - Experience with quality scripting - Experience with lighting - Eager and creative mindset and approach*Please note that not all locations called for in the script will need to be forged, some already have existing set pieces. We can discuss which sets need forging individually.

Body Actors/Background Extras - We are looking for users who can serve as body actors for the main characters, and background extras for several scenes. The job duties include:

  • Portraying the characters’ actions and physicality as called for in the script - Standing in as forgers adjust lighting - Interact with other users in the background of scenesQualifications:

  • No previous machinima experience necessary, though any previous experience a plus - Ability to stand still for extended periods of time - Ability to take and listen for direction attentivelyIf interested in either of these positions, reply to this thread with your email address, gamertag, and any applicable experience you have (forgers if you have any maps or prefabs you’d like to include, feel free), and I will send you the script and any additional information. I hope to see you on set!


Matt Tornero (GamerMatt423)

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