CreepyPasta Mercenaries recruitment

Hello to all players I am Ticci Toby leader of the CreepyPasta Mercenaries or CPM for short. This company has just began about two days ago and we are looking for members.
Requirments: must have knowledge of creepypasta and the bio of the creepypasta character that they want to be addressed as and we’ll tell you if the name is taken or not
Currently taken list
Ticci Toby
Eyeless Jack
Ben Drowned
Eggs exe.
(the list will grow as more players join)
We do not discriminate but we honestly cant handle squeakers.
and if any female players want to join their hasn’t been any female creepypasta that have been touch yet
(examples: Jane the killer, Clockwork, Laughing Jill, Sally, etc)
so come on people join the group of murderers for hired
We’ll be looking forward for you to join the family.
CreepyPasta Mercenaries