Creed of the Gears of Modern Warfare

Is this really a Halo game?

Menu music: Assassin’s Creed
War games menu music: Modern Warfare
Game soundtrack: Gears of War
Mantis vehicle: Gears of War
Custom classes: Modern Warfare
Grenade indicators: Modern Warfare
Default sprint: Modern Warfare
Care packages: Modern Warfare
Killcam: Modern Warfare
Instant respawn: Modern Warfare
Campaign climbing sections: Assassin’s Creed
Enhanced realism of sound effects: Gears of War
Promethean enemy: Star Wars
Spartan Ops: Modern Warfare
Perks: Modern Warfare

Therefore I put forward a proposal for the game to be renamed to:

Creed of the Gears of Modern Warfare: Star Wars Edition

This will better represent the contents of the game.

Don’t like it? Don’t play it.

I can’t really help but feel like you are TRYING to find things that are wrong with this game and will complain about anything and everything.


No Broadsword Star Wars comparison?

I don’t care for the target locator myself…

Game On Xbox: Modern Warfare
Uses The Disc Drive To Read Disc: Assassin’s Creed
Press Buttons To Play The Game: Gears Of War
Uses C++ Programming to Render: Modern Warfare
Has a Menu Screen: Gears Of War
Includes Multiplayer Counter-Strike
Enemies To Kill: Wolfenstein
Allows Weapon Pickup: Borderlands 2

Seriously, this is the dumbest post of all time, OP.

Armor customization = Team Fortess 2.
Dont forget it.

The loadouts are more like Battlefield to be honest. Edit the title to reflect this!

Mirror’s Edge: menu sounds.

Okay Yeah I can blatantly see master chief free running and climbing like Ezio or Altair and you have to be kidding me you related half of the stuff to Modern Warfare, if you are a blatinate COD fanboy just shut up and leave, because 1 the so called care packages are called ordinace drops and are earn’t differently unlike COD, I have listened to all of the assassin’s creed menu music and Halo menu music and don’t sound a like so what the hell are you talkng about!? And the game soundtrack doesn’t even sound like the gears of war one either so that idea of yours is completly scraped as well and I have watched star wars countless times and the prometheans don’t even look like anything out of star wars… So everything you just said was pointless, so just leave

> Is this really a Halo game?
> Menu music: Assassin’s Creed

Yeah no. It’s more like everything ever.

> War games menu music: Modern Warfare

I find the War Games Menu music actually unique to Halo 4.

> Game soundtrack: Gears of War

Most definitely NOT. There was one part of the Soundtrack that was very Star Wars, but everything else has been extremely unique and new.

> Mantis vehicle: Gears of War

Or pretty much every game that has ever had a mech. Let’s start with Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on the Genisis. Lol.

> Custom classes: Modern Warfare

I prefer the term “The obvious advancement in the Shooter genre”

> Grenade indicators: Modern Warfare

Be that as it may, it is a VERY welcome addition.

> Default sprint: Modern Warfare

Oh really? How about Doom, Wolfenstein 3d, Duke Nukem, Super Mario Bros? Sprint? Ripped off of a 2007 game despite being around since the 80’s? Of course, that makes sense!

> Care packages: Modern Warfare

Except not. Care Packages come from Kills, are not awarded fairly evenly to everyone in the game, and contain overpowered killstreaks, not guns/grenades.

> Killcam: Modern Warfare

This is like Custom Loadouts, it’s an obvious advancement in the shooter franchise, and a good thing.

> Instant respawn: Modern Warfare

Need I reminisce about Doom, and Duke Nukem again? Or maybe Quake, and Unreal Tournament?

> Campaign climbing sections: Assassin’s Creed

Those are called Quicktime Events, and have nothing to do with Assassin’s Creed, they have been a large part of video games of ALL genres for a very long time. Halo’s just never had them.

> Enhanced realism of sound effects: Gears of War

Gears of War has realistic sound effects? Since when? LOL. Trying to make your game sound good is something every game in the industry should strive for.

> Promethean enemy: Star Wars

Prometheans have nothing to do with Star Wars… Are you high?

> Spartan Ops: Modern Warfare


Since when did SpecOps have a running plot, and weekly releases?

> Perks: Modern Warfare

Well you’ve got me there. But honestly, I haven’t even noticed them because they really don’t seem to do much. While in CoD they radically change the gameplay.

Lol this is pretty funny . Why is everyone saying oh don’t play it or Its not copying seriously . Compared to the usual bullcrap we get on Waypoint