Credits taken away from completed weekly challenge

Today, I completed the weekly challenge on Nightfall on Heroic with 3 other players. We finished with a time of 08:15.

I watched all 30343 credits load up on the post-game screen. Went out to run some errands, came back and found that the credits are gone, and also it shows that i haven’t done the challenge!

My friend still has credit for completing the challenge (as this is the first weekly challenge that he’s ever done), but for some reason, mine has been taken away. My friend even got the gamerscore achievement for completing this, so for sure the game acknowledged that we got the achievement/challenge! Looking at the post-game stats, it says 09:00 minutes, but as i said, we finished with time to spare and i watched the credits load up post-game… that’s the only reason i can think of that this messed up.

Can someone look into this and restore my lost credits? This is really disappointing… i don’t even feel like trying again because it could happen again!

It’s pretty easy. Just do it again. I’m up for it around 10:30 EST ( GT: pownyu)

I have seen this before with other challenges. Did you turn off your Xbox or exit the game after getting the credits? Sometimes if you get a challenge and then leave the game it won’t save that you got them. I tend to get the challenge, then play around in forge for a minute, exit that and get a couple of extra credits. That way it saves for sure.

Ack, ya i did leave right afterwards. Good advice. I’ll stick around next time to make sure that my challenges are saved.