So I completed a lot of custom challenges last night that equaled up to about 100,000. I wrote down how many cR I had before I went to bed. I woke up, saw the number had changed to 1.5 mil from 1.4 mil. I was very happy at the site of this. Then, as I finished a matchmaking game, it showed to credit gain screen thing. It said +35000 and something. It then, however, took those credits AWAY from my total, and I was put back at 1,465,919. Now, while I’m in matches, it will give the customary +4cR of a regular kill, I will press start, look at my cR, and yes, it has risen. But at the end of the game, it shows the credit gain screen, and, this time, it says +2000 and some random digits and it DOESN’T CHANGE MY cR WHATSOEVER. Can anyone offer some help?

I think it’s a glitch I went to sleep last night knowing I was going to be a reclaimer the next morning because of the custom challenges and when I woke up and I was a reclaimer :slight_smile: but then I played a game and now I ranked back down to a forerunner.

So I had to play a couple more games this morning just to get my reclaimer. But I still haven’t gotten back the credits from the custom challenges.

just a glitch, mine goes from 340k to 310k and freezes some days and when I wake up its like 410k

Mine is working fine.

why are you sad when you still have 4.5 million credits?

No, my good sir I said 1.4 mil. Anyway, thank you everyone for listening I have resolved the problem.