Credits system idea for the Online Shop

Halo Infinite microtransactions are getting wild, even worse than REQ packs from Halo 5 Guardians, but I think that the most critiqued decision was the online shop. 20 usd for white and a helmet? I’ll rather get the REQ packs back than this, since it was just an option to buy packs but not to unlock their content.

So I came up with an idea for the online shop: Make the Battle Pass paid with real money (not with credits) and have a CR system where you unlock credits by playing the game and also have the OPTIONAL choice of buying those same credits. (This plus the fixed XP progression)

I believe that 343 needs to fix this before launch, they don’t understand that people won’t spend 250 usd on 15 cosmetics of a game that barely has 10 maps, 3 game modes and no more content for almost 5 months.
If they don’t do it, this game will die faster than Battlefront II and it will be another waste of a great game.

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