Credits per kill question

Once you get to a certain point in campaign commendations, do you stop getting credits-per-kill on kills that count toward specific commendation? I used to get a little indicator that said I got 2 credits for a headshot, for example. I never get any in game credits anymore unless I complete a challenge. Does anyone know?

This never happened to me before. If you have your campaign scoring set to “OFF” you won’t be getting anything. Have it set to “Team Scoring” or “Free for All” and you’ll receive credits.

You stop gaining credits once you reach silver for the commendations. After that you just recieve the credit award for getting a commendation to the next tier. I’m pretty sure this is accurate, however you might stop earning after bronze I can’t remember, I don’t think so though. I’m judging this off my campaign experience. I only have one commendation below bronze - support role. All others are Silver, Gold, or Onyx. I only recieve credits for assists so I believe this is the answer.

Hope it helps.

Yes once it reaches gold you will no longer get credits for each kill of that type only like that in campaign though:)

This happens to me too, I played Reach on the 360 and after I got to around a Lt. Colonel I stopped receiving points per kill and for the way I earned a kill. However, I’m playing Reach through backwards compatibility on the Xbox one, but I’m a Rookie and I’m still only earning 50cR per firefight match. What happened?

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