Credits not appearing in Halo Waypoint iOS app

Bought some credits on the Microsoft web store. But returned to the app and it shows 0 credits. How do I refresh it in the app?

Only want to buy from the shop because I don’t have access to my Xbox for a while.

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Same issue. Rly annoying that we broke/spent $ and now we can’t even get the thing we wanted of it times out.

Yeah I work on a boat for 3 weeks at a time bought some when I was out to buy a armor set. It won’t reset until you log into the game.

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Oh man. I’ll try that, thanks for letting me know. Side note, I always feel like any work on a boat is at least 50% more badass than other jobs. Have good Christmas/holidays!

Yeah you could probably log in through xcloud or something. It’s kinda a big oversight to let you buy it remotely and not update it remotely.