Credits, 343, you gotta fix this

Ok look I get it 343, you need a way of making cash, but paywalling armor with credits is NOT the way to do it.

Either remove the credit system entirely, OR make it so you get like 100 credits with every challenge completed.

But seriously pay only is not a good look for Halo, ever. Get rid of the MTX only armors and add a free option to them through challenges.

And while we’re on the topic, please, make challenges either payout more, or get performance bonuses from matches.

EDIT: Ok just realized I worded a LOT of this poorly, what I mean is as well as the paid alternative, make a way we can earn credits in-game as well, that way we aren’t forced to spend money we either don’t have or don’t want to.


This is all so confusing, I thought you unlocked armour by getting the battlepass and playing. I’d originally thought there would be some armour coatings that were purchasable but hearing that this battlepass is just a slow grind and doesn’t even contain all the armour sets on day 1 that’s a huge letdown to me personally.

I haven’t played yet because I’m at work but this seriously sounds like a complete bummer.

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My recommendation would be this: Stop by for the Fracture events then once you have those completed, bail out to MCC until 343 has Infinite in an acceptable state. At least we have a fallback with Infinite incase the launch isn’t great, which is more than I can say for Halo 5.