Credit Use in Halo 4

I had a thought, what if we kept the credit system, but altered it. It would be a little like Call of Duty: Black ops. In that game you earned your money separate from xp. So we would earn our credits separately from our xp we earn. With this we could get back our 1-50 ranking system and still be able to customize our Armory in an efficient way.

Sounds cool but your going to get flamed for mentioning cod, next time you make something that’s taking something from another game just don’t use the name of the game your taking it from and just describe how it works.

It will keep people from ripping your throat out.

0_0 He said CoD!
Puts on Flamesuit

Maybe if it’s only for unlocking armour and nothing to do with rank

That’s what it is for.

I think it shoud be for unlocking armor only. But I would still like to see achievements and challenges for armor not just the few pieces of halo waypoint armor.

Of course, i’m just suggesting for the ones you unlock through matchmaking

No…Just No.

Unlock Armor With Cheevos, Commendations, and such.

BUY Armor with cR after unlocking it.

1-50 skill system used for matchmaking.