credit system should return?

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do you think the credit system from halo reach should be back in H5? I think its far to easy to get armors in H4, (besides the ones you need to buy with real money)

I think Halo 4 point system for buying weapons and perks etc was useless but that 90% likely been removed anyway because hopefully no perks.
However I did like reach as it meant even if I got to that level I always had a goal of trying to buy something. I was like this to return, however some may disagree and I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t put in H5.

Hell yes, one of the best armor earning systems implemented!


Credits for skins, achievements and commendations for armor.

Unlocking armor through a credit system is boring, I prefer a milestone based system. Best armor configurations should be hard to get like a Highest Skill 50 in 3 playlists or 100,000 MP kills total.

I’d rather a different form of earned currency, as not to encourage more idling. Perhaps there could be some progression system much like Reach, but implements the need(s) to purchase the cosmetics via challenge marks.

Challenge marks can be earned through completing challenges of any kind. Campaign or Multiplayer. Depending on how hard the challenge is will decide how many marks you can get. Example: There are Easy, Normal, Heroic, and Legendary challenges solely based on how hard it’s expected to be. Easy will rewards you with fewer marks but Legendary will reward you with a greater amount. Not only is it some redundant and boring grind, but it actually would encourage people to play.

Reach was waaay too grindy. More competitive gameplay less grind is best imo. Relatively Short (compared to reach, could still take a few months) progression system, solid ranking system, achievement based unlocks are best imo.

It was fun in Reach, so yeah. But credits shouldn’t be the only way to unlock armor- there should be some that unlock with achievements and commendations

I think they should bring back the credits system but they should make a few changes:

New ways of unlocking armour, skins, armour effects etc. -
Not all armour and customisation options (visors, armour effects, skins (weapon and armour), emblems, etc.) should be able to be bought with credits, at least not straight away. There could be a set list of requirements to unlock the item like: completing challenges or unique commendations, eg. completing a mission at a certain difficulty and/or with skulls enabled.

New ways to earn credits -

  • Completing Daily, Weekly and Monthly challenges for a set reward
  • Finishing the Campaign for the first time (higher difficulty = better rewards)
  • Completing Commendations
  • Beating your friends high score (on Campaign and Firefight if they bring it back)
  • Having a positive impact on your stats after each game (e.g K.D ratio, skill)
  • Earning Achievements

Those are some of my ideas if 343i were to impliment the credits system into a future game.

I didn’t like it. Commendation based rewards sound better.

Wow, i wish i saw this thread before i created my own (though mine is more for explaining why it would be beneficial for Co-Op players)

I’d say partly…lets have some armors unlocked with credits (or spartan points idc), lets have some armors unlocked by reaching a particular level and lets have some armors unlocked with achievements.