Credit Limit after 18 games

I would really like to know what is happening with the credit limit on this game.

Yesterday I played for around 12 hours before I hit the credit limit.

I got on today and finish the campaign then went back into multiplayer. I played 18

games today in 3-4 hours and got the credit limit message again.

I took time off of work to play this game and would like to be able to earn credits doing so.

It is really confusing how one day i can play for 12 hours before hitting the limit and then the next day i only get 4 hours??

can someone please explain what is happening.

and for those of you who think i was boosting or using double XP. I don’t boost and I only used double XP yesterday when i played for 12 hours i didn’t use any today.

EDIT: I hit the credit limit yesterday in the early evening around 8pm. I continued to play until 1 am. that was 5 hours of playing without XP. I thought maybe some of those credits or play time counted towards todays limit. Although i never got any credits. I hit level 30 yesterday as i hit the limit. I barely got halfway through level 31 as i hit hte limit today

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anyone else experience this ?

not yet

I have hit the credit limit for the third time today since launch, it’s bull****.

> I have hit the credit limit for the third time today since launch, it’s bull****.

Did you count how much exp you made. If you did, it would probably give us the daily limit.

I hit the limit as well. I’m not sure how many xp I’ve gained but I’m sure it was around 40k to 60k a day. I could be wrong but that’s what it seems like.

I got about 150k ish XP and then got the cap message.

Played about 8 hours. Went from 35 to 40.

I hit the cap today at around 50,000 xp. That’s only 25 games, only 14 with double xp. At least with Reach I could play all day and hit the cap at the end of the day. This happened after 5 hours.