Credit Ban? You Serious?

Ok I get home today and started up reach, and I’m welcomed with a notice saying I have a credit ban on my xbox for 2 weeks. I haven’t played it in 2days, but have a roomate that uses my system. He told me that he credit boosted. Does this ban carry over to halo 4, and is there a way to upleft this ban? If not, I’m going to be pissed with my roomate. Any feedback would be great?

The ban doesn’t carry over to Halo 4.
There is no way to remove the ban, it is your room mates fault for credit boosting on that console.

Nice. Thanks MOA. I guess my roomate will live for another day.

I’d still secure that console to where he can’t use it.

Like all games folks will quickly figure out how to cheat / boost / farm in Halo 4 and then a banning mechanism will get put on place for it.

It only took about a week and a half for this to happen in Reach.

So I’d get it secured so he doesn’t do something on H4 to get you banned in it after its released.