Credit Authentication

Hi all!
I live out of town so i rarely go on xbox LIVE but when i do it asks me if i want to authenticate my credits. I have said no everytime so far because i am unsure of what happens if i do. I am happy to lose some credits but i don’t want a cap on the credits i can earn offline. If i do authenticate, will i be limited in the amount of credits i can earn offline each day?

Thanks to everyone who can help!

If you authenticate, your armor + credits value will be set to 26,500. If you’re already past this, and don’t plan on playing online consistently, then I highly don’t recommend authenticating. After authentication, you’ll get a miniscule amount of credits for offline play, but can now play online with your armor set up, ranks, etc.

Definitely read the Credits FAQ. Hopefully that information will help in your decision making process!