Creatures in Halo 4?(Wild animals)(yes or no)

So i was watching halo retrospective on gt and noticed the earlier builds of halo ce where they included animals. One had a herd of little creatures running by your warthog another had a herd of huge animals standing while you walked past them with your marines.

I mean i want life forms, something that look like those creature or reptilian/dinosaur not little moa’s but huge creatures and small creatures in huge groups.

I remember in Halo 2 when i would look up in the sky and look at the reptiles wishing i could shoot them or at least see them.

And Halo:Reach yeah the moa’s were cool but they looked like they were ostriches not that much alien unlike the huge creatures from the mission with jun. Man i wanted to see much more of that, these different creature made up out of nowhere and running around.

I would say yes to it.

An example is 3:50 of the following video
Thanks to NarrowXLeaderX

I hope these will have some of the older scratched out design.

i say yes

are are you guys saying you HATE MOAS???

heartless -Yoinks!-!


Hell yeah! I think every game but ODST was supposed to have sort of animal AI. In reach they got rid of the Gutas on like 3 levels cause you could drive a forklift up to it and launch it (This was back when the forklift actually lifted). It also had the space squirrel and porqipine.

There are some cool things in this trailer:

yes! I want moar animalz! even if they are harmless ambient life, they promised it in reach and never delivered, PROVE YOURSELF 343, AND MAKE RIGHT THE ERRORS OF BUNGIE’S WILDLIFE TEAM!!! :wink:

Yes more animals. maybe a space bunny that will kill you in one hit if you shot it. :S

buy srsly more wildlife would be fantastic.

Depends on if the forerunner structure allows animals to live and if they have been breeding after all this time. Forerunner structures are ancient creations.

hope more people could voice their opinion.

Well the concept vid showed some flying animals, so I suppose. Plus I’m thinking that Engineers are going to be in H4.

Definitely. There is nothing wrong with having wildlife to a game and besides it only enhances the realism and thus the immersion. Unless of course they interrupt you in game play ‘looking at you Moa’.

But, seriously it would be nice to have more interactive environments.

> the moa’s were cool but they looked like they were ostriches not that much alien unlike the huge creatures from the mission with jun. Man i wanted to see much more of that, these different creature made up out of nowhere and running around.
> I would say yes to it.

Exactly !
I was so surprised when these huge animals attacked me…

I say yes to more wildlife animals not only birds and stuff like this. Just more animals on the ground you know ?

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Animals in halo 4 343? and without a doubt future halo game.
The other day I was in a big team slayer match on settler, I was shooting people left right and centre, actually I was shooting anything that moved as I brought my cross-hire over the object to try aim for the headshot, anyway so there’s bullets buzzing everywhere, I saw something move out the corner of my eye really high up I trained my dmr at it I zoomed in for a closer look and its was a flock of alien flying bird like terrodactils, it was nice for a second my mindset changed suddenly in less than a second, i was picking off the enemy where i can the next second im admireing the wildlife, split second later im back to murking, it made the game i was playing in feel really real. Its the little suttle things like birds flying about, seeing strange bugs in the grass and on walls that make maps come alive. Then my next idea of animals that just live within these maps and can attack either team, imagine for a second your in a match and there’s a native alien animal living there, maybe there just chilling there clinning to a wall,eating vegatation till someone pops a cap at them or some1 startles them then the animals would see red and attack anything and everything, but not too over the top these animals would appeare now and then.
Also 1more thing 343 about that flock of alien terrodactile things i saw on settler. What if halfway throu the game their shadows start to cast on the ground meaning “there coming” every spartan on the ground blue or red can see their shadows getting bigger and wait…now everyone on the map can hear them as they get closer, the sound of them swooping and screaming as they fly down, Watch in ore as one of your teammates gets picked up by one of these things and taken into the sky, my spelling and grammer is less then perfect but i hope you all get the picture im painting. I eat sleep halo, i reg play halo4, halo reach and halo3 ive got so many concrete ideas, Im unemployed and wish I worked for 343 as an ideas man because if i did have somesort of input into the halo franchise guess the amount of innovative ideas i would bring amoung many how about this, The ability to cling and climb, i call this “the cling/climb idea” i mean to walls, climb cliff walls, hang on the back of any vehicle finger tip cling and climb to high platforms.
Why cant i climb on my teammates banshee and hang on till i fancy jumping off. I dont understand. should’t we all be able to, when jumping be able to cling on to platforms that are just too high or far to reach. Thanks for reading i need to clear my mind because im sooo halo it hurts and i need to start doing something with my ideas, Its no good me telling you all my ideas for you to incorporate it and me get no recognitiong lol.


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