Creating team for online HCS

I am 24 year old gamer looking for others that have the same mentality I do, play Halo at a competitive level and win online games / tourneys. I have competed in Halo since 2008 and attended 3 events from 2009-2010 for Halo 3. I have the experience and skill to take a team very far, just needing the people dedicated enough to join. If this sounds like you send me a message / friend request to Rrrever3nce on XBL.

Please no new players and you MUST be able to play daily / every other day for hours at a time. Do not waste my time if you cannot do this simple task. I look forward to playing with you all soon!

I competed in Gamebattles from 2008-2012. I competed in two events of the 2010 season. I’ve got plenty of experience and know how to play the game. GT: Nomorescars