Creating SubWars for Halo and CoD

Some of you might watch a streamer named Trick2G. He has a great stream program named SubWars. In it, he take subscribers from his stream and pits them against each other in their own skill divisions within League of Legends.

For me, this won’t be subscribers as I’m a small streamer who only recently began. I have high quality with 60 fps with 0 dropped frames so the viewing experience is optimal. But that is aside the point.

Subwars in my stream will be made as an effort to create a centralized stream where we can pit the community’s best based both GB rank, ESL ranks, in-game ranks, etc. to have fun, laugh at the faults, and cheer at the feats.

I will beginning my stream at 5pm EST sharp everyday and we will be playing Call of Duty “Follower Wars” every day as long as we get enough players.

The main goal is to create a gladiator pit where we have unranked, but highly competitive games while having that content streamed for all to see.

My stream is Twitch. Come check it out and help me to get some games going if you are interested to step into the ring.

Follow me on Twitter as well to get information and communicate with me about what you would like to see on the SubWars!