Creating our own community.

Seeing how most of you dislike what is happening. Would any of you want to create a community in custom games as our own?

Basically we band together to create our own community I believe if we work together we can achieve what we always wanted.

I know many will say 343 should have done a better job but we spent 60 dollars on this game we should try to make the best out of it. I just believe we should stick together.

I know we don’t have much but I’d rather play with the guys I’ve been playing with since 2004 when I was 10. It will be impossible to replace the memories of the old games.

But I believe we should make new memories. And I believe we can do it together.

You mean like what everybody did years ago before they all started feeling entitled and believing that the main game should follow their direction?

Yes, haha look at whats happening to us. The arguing and the rambling its tiring. We for the most part have disbanded and its sad to see my fellow halo brethren in this state.