Creating Live account and lost HALO profile stats - Is this normal?

My son and I play HALO Reach quite a bit. I have a xbox gold gold membership and he had an offline profile. I created a live account for him last night but his tag was not availalbe on live so we had to create a new one for him. He no longer has a history of his stats and progress on Reach. His profile and Avator cusomizations etc stayed. Any idea how I can retriev his history and ranking?

All you changed on his profile was the Gamertag then brought it online?

Unfortunately, once you activate his online LIVE account and accept the following message within Reach (see the first link below), his account forfeits any credit accumulation over 26.250 cR. This only occurs when an account goes online for the first time. However, if he goes back offline, there is a 1000 cR limit imposed. A message will be displayed telling him to go back online to resync his credits. There are no restrictions for being online and earning credits.

For more information, please see the first post in this thread:

If this doesn’t sound like what happened, there may be something else going on.