Creating a Halo Forum for my Capstone

Hello everyone I am Rabbi Mafia a avid Halo player who has loved the series from the start. Right now I am in my senior year of college working on my capstone project. My project is a gaming site devoted to news and reviews, that just being one of six parts of the capstone. I love talking about Halo and video games in general and that is why I chose video games as my capstone. Right now I am hosting a forum for anyone who wants to talk about video games and I HAVE to have at least 15 people post on it. The teacher makes the rules up. But I would like to have more then just 15. Would be a big help if you went over and checked it out, posted or started a new thread to get discussion. It is a very open forum and can talk about anything you really want to, mostly video games. So if you got time go check it out. Thanks! even if you didn’t check it out, reading this.

Check out the Forum!!! Post! Talk! Have Fun!!!