Created still occupying human worlds confirmed?

In the Mark VII armour core the new Mercury Helmet has the following lore tidbit.

“Adapted from what could be interpreted of the strange records recovered from a Created data archive, Mercury may be a glimpse into an unsettling future being built on occupied UEG (UNSC) worlds.”

Well that seems pretty clear cut for once. They don’t use past tense like in the other tidbits where the Created get mentioned. It’s not they were trying to do this. It’s that they are still doing it. This strongly suggests that the Created still occupy some human worlds and that it’s still a big problem.

It’s really sad to get some info with helmets armors. As far as we know, the designer who wrote this description about this helmet don’t know anything about the lore and just invent something to be cool …

As the forum is closing, I would like to say that it’s was very cool to talk with you total_war1402. On what forum do yo think you will go ?

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That’s great thanks mate. It’s good to know there are like minded folk in the Halo community and you’re spot on with your points.

I’ll probably be on Discord and I had a go on there. Although the formats a little off putting since I don’t think topics can be created.

It is very strange like taking the forum down after all the years.

Stange is a soft word for what their doing to the forum and Halo. I loved this forum but it wasn’t making money and 343 loves only money

I don’t like Discord, I prefer Reddit were real discussion can happen, even if it’s more difficult to sort through all content

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