Create your own playlist!

if you could make your own play list what kind of thing would you do?

I think it would be cool if we had a slayer where every one had all the mods and perks equipped available all at once. The only AA available is the jet pack and lower tier ordinances only.

I think some thing like invasion would be fun too where you play spartans, elites, or even promethians then on the 3rd stage power weapons become available. For Spartans Jetpack and assault rifle, hologram and dmr or br. For the elites team you’d have a choice of evade and carbine, Camo and needler. For the Promethean team you’d have the choice of drone and Light rifle, Promethean vision and suppressor. Maybe even different load out for attacking and defending.

Speed Slayer

>120% Movement Speed
>No Sprint
>Buffed Damage
>Speed boosts on-map
>Jetpacks on-map
>No Personal ordnance
>BR/StormRifle Loadout

Meh that’s more of a gametype than an actual playlist.

What I would also do is make a Race playlist, and merge CTF/Assault.

lol i would basicly take h3’s team slayer playlist, turn off friendly fire, and obviously with upgraded h4 graphics and bam!.. my favorite playlist until halo 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

Classic BTB (slayer, CTF and assault)


Here’s a couple I just came up with (if these have already been thought up of then I am agreeing with you):

Classic Objective

Games from the past Halos with classic settings (No loadouts/personal ordnance).

Territories (Dominion game type modified to act as the classic gametype)

Small (no Complex, include Majestic maps)

2 teams of 4

New Objective

New gametypes of Halo 4 with Infinity settings.

Team Regicide

Medium in size (include Complex and Castle maps)

2 teams of 5-6

Haha. A playlist where you can play Spartans, Elites and Knights sounds cool. I would like to see a Infection playlist kinda like it was in Halo 3. That was a hit back in the day.

The new Flood in Halo 4 are kinda stale compared to the old Zombies. Give the Zombies energy swords again and give the playlist some really fun maps with lots of good hiding places.

Competitive Multi-team. 3 or 4 teams of 2 or 3 with throwdown-like settings and gametypes.