Create your own leader.

Just as the topic says. The reason for this is because ever since we been told new content is coming i thought it would be nice, to see what new leaders we can come up with. Here are some rules though. This must be a new character that you created on your own, and they can have unsc vehicles or infantry from halo wars 1 or you can come up with one on your own.

I would still love a jackal pirate that brings back the vampire as some sort of tie in with old covenant technology!

But! If you wanted my honest opinion. I’d bring a new Elite leader to the game that is centred around seismic technology similar to that of a gravity hammer. You’d have leader powers and new units that could quakes in the ground, potentially building up a metre that, once filled, has enemy units fall through the cracks and die! Similar to that of Serina’s ice but maybe it would only do a lot of damage, or something along those lines.

You’d have a new purpose for the shroud, an altered Banished air support vehicle that would create sonic blasts that crack the ground into pieces as their Y abilities as well as eliminate projectiles. This Y Ability could fill up the earthquake meter, but cannot complete it to cause the ground to split. New anti vehicle units would be Elite Quakemasters wielding staffs similar to the ones that the elites used in the final fight cutscene of Halo Wars 1. Not energy sword staffs though, these staffs would be tipped with energy beacons that the elites could puncture into the ground causing mini earthquakes, either in AOE, or attached to vehicles to cause even more damage.
The leader and hero unit would be San Th’uum, who would embark onto the battlefield in a personalized set of Honour Guard armour, riding a shielded shroud Seismasher.

Much like Jerome’s mantis, San Th’uum could go into the Seismasher and activate it’s front gravity cannons, which would deliver the same effect as a gravity hammer, only in medium range. When he’s out of the shroud, he would wield a beacon tipped staff like his Quakemasters, only HIS staff has two energy beacons on both sides. This would double into his animations as he uses both sides to create trails of broken earth in the ground at range, that can damage units that it comes under, kind’ve like a rock wave.

I liked the idea of Jerome entering his mantis, but I couldn’t see him and what he was doing (which is a given, cause the mantis covers its pilot).
To add to San Th’uum’s Personality, he’d be standing right on top of the shroud on a personalized platform, protected only by a thin shield as he watches the cannons fire, crushing the earth in front of him, laughing as it splits open, while he remains safe and in flight.
The Shroud Seismasher cannot fill the earthquake meter, only activate it, once all other cracked areas in the earth are filled.

Maybe even have him kill his own units, if he leaves them in the cracked areas while earthquakes happen on the battlefield.

Though this ain’t my own character I’d like to see Tarturus or Prophet of Regret as a new leader. Regret with the same units and powers as in the original HW.

Jhon 117 the best leader on the world halo
With all unite Spartan and Super Scorpion

I like this idea. I’d just make Captain Cutter from Halo Wars (1). I dislike what they did to Captain Cutter in Halo Wars 2. He has nothing special about him, they gave the Mac Blast to another leader, removed the elephant, and gave Jerome a Mastadon. Ridiculous

Commander- A sangheili serving under Let Volir

Scout: Ghost

War Council: Commando(Silent Shadow)- Uses a red energy blade at first, can be upgraded to using a needle rifle
Y Ability: The commando activates camo and releases two holo-drones that create holograms that automatically attract all nearby enemy fire. Upgrades will increase drone durability and numbers for a total of five with a lifespan of thirty seconds.


Grunt Grenader-(anti-infantry) Replaces Suicide grunts, they carry around turrets that can be deployed to launch a ball of plasma at the enemy. To balance them out, they have the same health of Cannon Fodder.

Assault Ranger-(anti-infantry) Replaces normal ranger with duel-wielding needles and can fly with a grav-pack, little slower then a ghost

Harbinger- Bit of a cross between a blisterback and a grunt dome. While in flight it can defend itself with lasers in a manner to a shroud. Once deployed on the ground though, it casts an energy dome around the area until destroyed.

Spectre- Heavy anti-infantry vehicle, can carry one extra squad
Shadow transport- can hold 4 infantry, or two vehicles
Goblin (Reaver with needles rather then rockets)

Im liking what im hearing. and im going to provide an example of a unit i just thought up with. feel free to take this if the makers of halo wars 2 or 343 is reading.

Hercules: Anti-infantry, Anti-structure, and support unit.

Model: pre-sernia cyclops upgrades.

Origin: after thinking when modifying the cyclops that some of the pilots are fan’s of close brawl punching she decided to work on a separate cyclops of her own making called the Hercules. Years later when the crew awakened and Isabel look at what Sernia left behind she decided to continue Serina’s work by completing it , giving the Hercules the option to have two Jackhammer’s while giving the mech in question heal beams to help fix damage vehicles faster.

Ablilittes: it has the option to grab an enemy unit or piece of structure and throw it to the target in question.