Create your own halo 4 weapon!

Mine would be a mix of some kind between the AR and BR.

something that is fun to use, and that noobs can pick up, but also able to get hearshots, and that the more skilled you are, the more amazing things you can do with it.

Another Idea I have would be sort of like an anti-vehicle sniper. Basically, it is a foreruner weapon that shoots a needle like projectile. You use the scope to lock on to that enemy, and then you pull the trigger to shoot a stream of five neadles toward the enemy vehicle. If they hit the vehicle explodes, but they are very difficult to aim.

A fully auto spartan lazer that you dont have to charge

> A fully auto spartan lazer that you dont have to charge

cool so sort of a guilty spark beam?

I don’t have any weapons of my own, but I would love to see Forerunner weapons that resemble Covenant weapons. Like, we see a Needle-type Forerunner weapon and think “Wow, so that’s where the Covenant got the idea for the Needler”.

persoanlay, i’d want two things,

1, a bubble grenade, much like the one seen in the H3 trailer, it would have more of a use than a deployed bubble shield, as you can deploy it further away

1, and EMP weapon of some sort, more than that, i’d like the gremlin to make an appearance in H4 as a somewhat more powerful replacement for the PP

A motar type weapon that explodes over the target but after that sends minature explosions around the area.

an energy saw? perfect for infection

A handheld version of the gun off the Wraith / Revenant. It’s damage would be between the FRG and the Rocket Launcher, it’s “launch arc” would be the same as the Wraith’s, and it would have a 3 round Magazine, with a straight pullback action.

I also want the Mauler back. I don’t know why, I just do.

Hmm, If I could have a fully auto assault rifle of some sort that has a scope or red-dot sight where I can zoom in and maybe a grenade launcher attachment. I’m not saying this because I want a CoD weapon, but I just don’t understand how Halo is 500 years in the future and we have better weapons now.

I’d like to be able to deploy those brute mines from sand trap

A purple plasma rifle. I’d call it the Mace Windu variant. I’d like to see the Plasma Rifle be actually formidable as an automatic.

And a weapon like a needle rifle that shoots spikes. Obviously has a blade on the bottom, because Jiralhanae <3 bayonettes.

Off topic, I’d like duel wielding back, the SMG to return, and pistol that looks like the Halo 2 version. I liked that look for the magnum.

Brute shot that shoots rounds that when looked at closely have Frankie’s autograph on the side.

A gun that shoots out guns.

A gauss EMP sniper rifle.Very large with same gauss type ammuniton as warthog mounted gauss gun. With a round scope, 2 rounds per mag, 3 mags, 2 secs between shots plus bloom from movement and each shot, needs time to focus scope. Fries any vehicle it shoots for 3 seconds. Takes 1 bodyshot to kill and fries any players shields within 5 feet of the receiver of the round. Same range as gauss gun and 2x the zoom as the normal sniper rifle.

A needler shotgun. At close range it creates an automatic super combine. I know covenant might not be in Halo 4, but still :stuck_out_tongue:

A gun with bullets coated with flood cells. Kill someone with it and they turn into flood and attack anyone nearby.

dont u think that would be a little overpowered? but if it show up id call it the fist of god

energy katana or Halo LMG

Plasma Mortar: A turret based weapon that can detach from its stand. It fires larger plasma shells with a moderate range and has a minimal explosive area but a high Plasma splash radius. Basically what you have is a plasma bomb that explodes with chunks of hot plasma on impact, but for the sake of gameplay sometimes you might be lucky enough not to be struck by flying plasma as it fly’s in splatter pattern.

A gun that fires a tornado.

A Tornado Gun, if you will.

Selective fire, too. Different settings fire different categories of tornadoes.

FUS ROH DAH, thats the weapon i want lol…or medusa(every one dies once they see me)