Create your own campaign mission in Halo 4

Hi there!

I’'m a big fan of the Halo franchise since the beginning, and every time a new Halo installment is announced I, along with everyone else, start thinking of some cool new stuff in the upcomming game.
So what about a Forge option where you can select ''Create Mission", just like you select your game type. You’ll be able to make objectives and select waypoints and such. If approved by 343, your mission will be available in Matchmaking.
Furthermore, it would be very cool to have a new mini-game (like firefight) in the Main Menu, in which you can play a variety of mini-missions, each presenting you with some sort of puzzle to solve. You’ll be able to select the difficulty and make these puzzles yourselve with the ‘Create Mission’ option.

Please tell me what you guys think of this.