Create you own UNSC......variants.

Evening Spartans I thought of this thread as a way to engage with the community in the creation of variations to different UNSC vehicles and craft. I welcome anyone who has the artistic ability to take these ideas and turn them into art.

I will focus on the UNSC VTOL fleet for this first installment. They will be the ones which should be fairly straightforward to speculate on. Also will be highlighting personal ideas for variants, with the base model being relatively similar to the lore bar speculated weapon load out.

  • ONI Wasp- Black and Grey stripped camouflage, ultra rare armour. X2 25mm auto cannons 5 H.E.A.P round bursts. X2 AD Victorium styled launchers.
  • Spartan Wasp- Tan and Black Digital pattern camouflage, legendary armour. X2 Gauss repeaters. X2 Spartan Endgame styled lasers
  • ODST HORNET- Midnight Blue and Black/Grey stripped camouflage, Ultra rare armour. X2 23mm gatling cannons. High R.O.F. X2 5 shot 105mm Missile Pods. Fire mode dual or volley, air lock on. X4 hot seats.
  • S.of.S HORNET- Solid red, purple/ yellow stripped colour, ultra rare armour. X2 25mm needler cannons, slower R.O.F. X2 5 shot 75mm Missile Pods. Warheads effect similar to white scar plasma caster. X4 hot seats.
  • AIR FORCE S.A.R FALCON- Tundra camouflage, rare armour. X1 27mm autocannon high R.O.F. X2 3 barrel .5 Bushmasters turrents very high R.O.F. X6 seats including gunners.
  • SPEC WAR FALCON- Urban camouflage, legendary armour. X1 40mm auto grenade launcher 3 round burst. X2 .5 H.E.A.P Bushmasters turrents. X6 seats including gunners.
  • FORCE RECON SPARROWHAWK- Desert camouflage, ultra rare armour. X2 30mm 3 barrel gatling cannons, x2 25 round 5" rocket Pods, X2 Plyons for mission specific loadouts.
  • HUNTER/KILLER SPARROWHAWK- Woodland camouflage. Legendary armour. X1 30mm heavy autocannon/ x1 Selleen lance styled Spartan laser in an articulated turrent. X2 21 round MIRV styled rocket pods, X2 Plyons for mission specific loadouts.My own VTOL to replace the SkyHawk;
    AV-105 HARRIER V
    UNSC ARMY Gunship
    X2 40mm gatling cannons, x2 35 round 5" rocket pods, x2 Spartan lasers, x24 Anvil anti armour missiles in a retractable weapon bay underbelly x4 Medusa air-air missiles on both wingtips plyons.

The Vulture four cannons I would upgrade to rapid firing 75mm cannons also adding either heavy Spartan lasers or 110mm guns to augment it’s missiles batteries. The Pelican in both its armed transport and full pursuit/ Gunship mode will suffice.
Also all VTOL should have a formal of active counter measures such as chaff and flares. This could be worked in game as a human equivalent to the banshee acrobatics or the phaeton teleportation. It would only be effective against fire and forget human systems, Forerunner missiles or homing shots and guided banshee bombs.

Do you have any ideas on the VTOL fleet or UNSC craft in general?

Its times like this I wish I knew how to draw.

> 2533274907200114;2:
> Its times like this I wish I knew how to draw.

Haha I know what you mean. I have action frames to show each variant but can’t sketch

Should this be in general discussion?

Here is my single craft variants list. Will try to add links for an idea of each craft base design. So let’s start;

  • M-32 CUTLASS UCAVUsed for recon, interdiction and precision strikes into high value atmosphere either as a relay for orbital strikes/battle net or direct action. It would be a twin engine (mounted one top the other),Switchblade design allowing for a stable platform at various speeds and altitudes.
    Weapon loadouts are tailored to mission requirement. Typical loadout;

  • x1 35mm Gatling guns - x1 Sectioned internal weapon bay containing; - x1 twin launcher Argent X missile system - Weapon bay HAVOC capable, nuke deployed by slingshot release.

  • F-41B BROADSWORDTailored for interception engagements with Forerunner/Created/Modified Covenant craft, it’s overall dimensions have been reduced while incorporating reversed engineered engines and technology to increase survivability. Due to its increased complexity and specialized equipment it is strictly deployed to command ships, super and heavy carriers and orbital stations.

  • X2 35mm hardlight gatling cannons - X2 3 shot MMP missile pods. Missiles have an EMP/Hardlight warheads with active tracking shards. - No secondary weapon systems.

  • F-45 KATANAA 3 engine (mounted in a triangular design),
    Variable swept forward wing design the KATANA is the UNSC airforce multi role fighter. Meant to provide planetary defence by operating in both atmospheric and orbital situations, it was created out of a need to diversify the UNSC from relying on a single design/supplier. It’s the heaviest fighter craft in the UNSC. It’s loadout consist of;

  • x2 40mm Gauss autocannons. - X4 M8D Nonlinear cannons - X1 large weapon bay for mission specific loadouts

  • B-55 SCIMITARA joint airforce/navy requirement for a replacement for the Shortsword as well gaining a dedicated orbital attacker. Using a Flying/Delta wing hybrid design, its an incredibly robust and stable craft(engine placement similar to the B-2) Using a four man crew and “dumb” AI for weapons management/ target acquisition.
    It can be armed with either;

  • X3 75mm cannons for general engagements****OR

  • X2 120mm rotary cannons - X1 150mm HANNIBAL heavy laser (Google B-25 with 75mm) for Anti-Ship combat.

  • X1 articulated turrent 270° /360°or 190° traverse relative to orientation. Compatible with all defensive weapon suites.

  • A large weapons bay with 3 rotary cradles allow for multiple weapons to be carried and employed or all cradles can be fixed to carry a single AEM-101 NOVA delivery system.

  • Self Defense missile pods can be installed on wing plyons for added survivability.

  • Has a miniature slipspace drive for intersystem strikes.Due to its size (about 77/84/40 dimensions L/B/H)
    **,**cost, complexity and overall combat presence it’s deployment is strictly limited to command ships, super and heavy carriers and orbital stations above key, stable UNSC colonies.

  • GT5-EWIMThe venerable Longswords of the UNSC were mostly being retired or sent off to distant colonies as new craft took their roles. However a new breath of life was given to some of the fleet as the were converted to Electronic Warfare Infomation Management craft. Meant to act like the biggest brother to the Cutlass and Songbird it has had its weapon bay converted into battlenet management suite sitting 4 observers, including a holotank as well as a “dumb” AI. It’s only true armament would be;

  • X2 25mm gatling cannons in pop up turrents for self defense.Mostly used by battlegroups to assist with low-mid level battlenet management in engagements or direct strikes. This would free up the prowler fleet for higher priority missions.

All craft use mini fusion reactors for power, posses energy shielding and countermeasures to boost defence. AEM stands for Anti Everything Missile. The slingshot release of nukes comes from the strategy which would have been used by British bombers during the cold war, where they would fly low and fast, then make a sharp climbing turn to throw the weapon towards the enemy. The crew had to hope they could get out of the blast radius before detonation. M8D Nonlinear cannons would be faster firing lower damage lasers similar to the Pelican M8C laser.
Looking forward to hearing what people think of them.

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> Should this be in general discussion?

No as it is creation by myself, a member of the community hence it’s in the community creations