Create A Medal

Hey guys and gals,

I thought it would be cool to see what medals the community wants to appear in Halo 5. So let’s get started!

Impossible! Get 45 Kills in a row without dying

Last Words Get a Kill with the last bullet in an automatic’s clip

Leader Finish in 1st Place in all rounds of a multi-rounded match

34/3 Get exactly 34 kills in a match, and die exactly three times.

FiestaGet a spree of 25 kills with only power weapons

Generous Donor

  • Throw Oddball to an enemy and kill him/her
    Excellent Work
  • Pick up a weapon
    Big Step
  • Move forward
    Team Player
  • Betray a teammate
  • Earn 0 points in a match
    Friendly Guest
  • Hijack an enemy vehicle and kill all the passengers
  • Kill five Warthog drivers without dying

Loser: come last in a game.

Hit man: assassinate all enemies in a game.

Sore knees: T-bag all enemies in a game.

Trip!: assassinate an enemy that is sprinting.

Arthritis: Get two or more kills in a row without letting go off the trigger of an automatic weapon.

Hot-headed: Get a headshot with a Spartan laser.

tapnade: kill an enemy by bouncing a grenade off of them.

Legend: don’t die in a game.

Silent pacifist: no kills, no deaths.

Diablo- Incinerate 3 or more enemies with one Incendiary grenade.
Super- Skyjack an enemy after falling from a certain height.
Sparkman- Electrocute 3 or more enemies using the UNSC Lightning bolt (Weapon I made up in the weapon ideas thread)

Bring back MVP.

Perfection: Get 15 kills or more in a single Slayer Match without dying.

Perfection King: Get 15 kills or more in a single KOTH or Regicide match without Dying.

Falcon Punch: Assassinate 3 players while you are carrying the ball in Oddball without dying.

Alien: Get 3 Kills in a row with an Energy Sword with Active Camo activated.

Predator: Get 3 kills using a Binary Rifle with Active Camo activated.

Yoink: Kill an opponent who is being assassinated by one of your own.

Ghost Rider: Get 10 splatter kills in a row using the Ghost.