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I am willing to bet cold hard green that at least 60% of all my losses in Reach are due to bad teammates. I can fair for myself just fine, but in objectives I can’t capture flags or detonate bombs without proper team support. As goes for Slayer, I find myself constantly the highest scorer on my team due to my allies inability to crack a headshot or throw a good grenade. Speaking of, I also constantly find myself being blown to holy hell by my teammates own grenades, due to their “see red dot: throw pineapple” techniques.

Play with friends? Ha. My friends arn’t any better then the people I’m talking about.

Which, brings me to my point. I’ve created this thread for the sole purpose of finding teammates who are near or equal to your skill level, matching up with them, and taking it to Reach Matchmaking to wipe the floor with your opponents sorry -Yoinks!-.

Got it? Good.

Here is a link to my Service Record in Reach:

(Don’t know how to make hyperlinks on this site :P)

Here’s how the set-up should be for your post. Try to explain what type of player you are in a few short sentences, post your K/D, and favorite playlists. This should provide a brief summary of how you play Halo: Reach, and will give other players a good idea of if they would like to match up with you or not.

Like so…

My name is XxMetalCanonxX, and I think before I act. I won’t charge into stupid situations where I know I can’t win, but rather perch onto a nice coverable loft where I can pluck off my enemies one by one. I don’t Perfection camp if I get 15 kills right off the bat, but rather continue playing as I should. I will never betray you for power weapons (or for any other intended reason), though I am a bit of a Sniper -Yoink!-. My K/D is 1.77, and favorite playlists are Team Classic, Multi-team, Rumble Pit, and Invasion.

Now you try!
~Link up with others (or me!) and form a Halo bond today!

I like the idea and purpose of this thread quite a lot, and I’m in a real rush so I’ll simply give it this bump.

i have an 0.81 though that’s mostly due to armour lock whores
i never betray you unless you betray me