Create 2 ideas for Spartan Ops

  1. Survival mode to go along with Spartan Ops please. Otherwise technically this isn’t Firefight replacement. 2. I have an idea for a mission where you get to investigate an abandoned ship.

Pick up and Unlock forerunner weapons during Spartan ops missions. And you can use these forerunner weapons in Infinity “Training” sessions. Example:

Spartan Ops I:

You: Hey Captain, i found this lying in the Forerunner building. Captain walks up to you.

Captain: Well look right here, I’ll get the ship’s commander to link this to your training loadout. See what it can do your enemies.

And this is also how you can pick up the forerunner ability.

Spartan Ops II:

Your spartan is looking around in some Forerunner science lab and stick your helmet near some telescope looking and an engineer attaches it’s tentacles and updates your helmet to see your enemies.

You: I think this engineer’s onto something cap’n.

Captain: Hot dog son. The Infinity will link up to your loadout once we get back.

I think one type of mission should be the classic firefight/survival:
your stuck somewhere with enemy forces surronding you and you have to fight until evac can pull you out

another idea could be one where you have a certain objective to reach under a time constraint
for example if your dropped somewhere and you have x number of minutes to diffuse a bomb to save an entire city or something of that sort

I’m interested to see some scenarios like we see with some of the battles in the novels. Some of them would be hella fun to play.

You visit the other Sacred Rings
You have the same controls and options as Combat Evolved, i,e- no vehicle hacking, n wraith, etc. That would be great to me!