CrazyConeClan: Halo Map of the Week YouTube Series

I run the YouTube channel called CrazyConeClan which you may or may not have heard about. We started back in Halo: Reach making YouTube videos showing off peoples custom maps they made in Forge for fun and we grew a lot back then making a couple thousand subscribers. When Halo 4 came out we did the same thing and made videos showing off custom maps people made in Forge and we got over 10,000 subscribers. After about a year in Halo 4 I started to lose support from people helping me make the videos since people just got bored of the game and didn’t want to join my custom games anymore. I stopped making Halo videos after that for about a year and a half and my channel slowed down significantly in both subscribers and views. Everyone left the clan which just left me to be the lone soldier. A few months ago I started back up making YouTube videos in Halo 2: Anniversary and the channel is slowly starting to grow again.

This topic isn’t about asking you to join the clan or anything since it doesn’t really exist anymore, it’s just the channel’s name. If you have a great Halo 2: Anniversary custom map that you’d like to show off then message me on Xbox (my gamertag is iKampfer) and I’ll check it out. If it’s good enough I make a video about it. If you enjoy playing custom games in Halo then follow me on Xbox and I’ll invite you to my custom games if you’re online, I host almost every Friday at 7:00 PM Central Time. If you just enjoy watching other people play on custom Halo maps or want to see what people are making in Forge then please subscribe to my YouTube channel in the link below.

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