Crashing on evacuation, what, is there a fix, so frustrating, are 343 looking into this common issue.

I have been crashing on campaign and multiplayer since launch.

But apparently the fix for your issue is to start the mission over

Deleted Halo from the console, reinstalled, started over from a saved point at the beginning of evacuation, same result, crashes as you have to make your way to the pelican at the top of the lift. Think I will just return the entire thing and get a ps4.

Persisted with it, reloaded again and started mission afresh. This sorted the issue out and allowed me to progress.

Today I’m getting crashes but on MP… once at the start of a game, other during the break between games.

I cant even pass through the first part of stage one (landed after the intro movie auto killed the elites then headed around to the left) without the game crashing to title screen which kinda sux cause id love to give the storymode a go