Crashing When trying to reaload a checkpoint.

After installing the new patch my campain game has started to shut down halo and take med back to the xbone menu. Every time i die or press countinue game from the singleplayer the game finishes loading then shuts down. And When i start upp again the same thing keeps happening. I can load a game from a saved checkpoint but not just respawn. Have seen a few posts about this from tonight on different forums so im not the only one.

I’m getting the same, hope it gets fixed soon, it’s more than a little frustrating!

Getting this too. Unfortunately I’m now in a state that I cannot load my last save without it crashing. Seems like I may have to restart to the mission altogether. What a disappointment.

Hello, I experienced the same yesterday.
Even trying to load a saved checkpoint will produce the same:
The game loads then goes black screen. The user is then redirected to the console dashboard.
I have also noticed that the way the stored check point is entitled is now wrong:
Instead of saying “mission blabla , wednesday…”
it goes “mission blabla, 24534565…” (only digits)

Could be a new field somewhere in a db, anyway good luck with that guys.

I am just glad I did notice it before engaging the three eternal watchers in my solo legendary campaign ! I just need to do it in one session…

Same issue here after recent update!
Crashes out when trying to reload last saved…
also new saved attempts the same and says they were saved “242550034 days ago”.
VERY ANNOYING as it is useless playing if I cant save!

Look at this. Could possibly be the solution:

I’m seeing the same behavior. Posting this so that the support team realizes this is not isolated instance. Very frustrating for game to crash. I die in the campaign and the game shuts down. Major bummer, especially going through the campaign on Legendary.

I experienced this glitch, and tried restarting the level entirely. That seemed to fix the glitch for me; I haven’t crashed from a death or revert checkpoint since.

I experience this problem aswell! I don’t know if it has anything to do with the update it installed yesterday. I guess I’ll retry restarting the entire level as Tuckerscreator suggests

I literally just signed in to post that I’m having the same issue. Hopefully that means it’s a big enough problem that it gets patched. I’m at the tail end of my Legendary playthrough and each checkpoint is huge right now

Same here. I downloaded the latest update for Halo 5. I’m on the last mission on Legendary probably about half way through. I started playing and after I died it crashed and sent me back to dashboard. Now everytime I try to continue the campaign it does the same thing. I really don’t feel like starting over the mission/

Hello all.
Ok to me apparently it was a one time issue too. Restarting the level entirely did it for me.
Oh well…

I am getting the same exact error in my Halo 5 campaign. I only started getting the error after the big team update. This is very frustrating.