Crashing when spawning

Hello, I’ve noticed that I crash quite often and it’s only when I’m about to spawn. Anyone else having this issue?

My screen goes to a yellowish green color and freezes there as I’m about to spawn and then the game just crashes. Any tips on how to fix it would be great.

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Ive been having this issue as well, also if someone throws a dynamo Grenade at a vehicle im driving at times it will also crash the game.

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Yep, I’ve got the same problem, as well as half of my friends. GTX 1070 and 1080.

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I’m just going to bump this back up, it’s been a few days and still having this issue… I know there’s a small group of us out there experiencing this and it’s absolutely game breaking. It’d be one thing if we could at least reconnect, but we can’t even do that.

I can’t play ranked, might be perma banned at this point haven’t been able to queue up for like half a day.

If you’re having this issue and see this post please reply or react to the post, need to draw more attention.

UPDATE: I believe I’ve found a fix for anyone else having this problem.

Go to video settings and scroll down all the way to the “Sensory” section. Turn Blur, screen shake, exposure, and full screen effects all the way down to 0%. Since doing this I haven’t crashed yet. Will edit if I do

EDIT: Ended up crashing again. It still works better with those settings, but I guess doesn’t completely negate the crashes… Re-installing to see if that does anything…