Crashing out of games

Crashing is something that has been happening in multiplayer since this game came out whether in customs, btb, or general 4v4 multiplayer it happens. Where is the fix for it? PC seems to be suffering a ton from this. I’ve been banned in ranked matches due to crashing, I’ve been kicked out of sessions with friends and unable to rejoin since there is no re join game feature and even watching halo eSports within 1 best of 5 there’s at least 1 crash per game in these sets. It’s honestly embarrassing. This game advertises how it cares about the value of time but I’m losing precious time with friends when I have to watch a crash out happen and then wait until they eventually lose due to the lack of an entire teammate that wouldn’t have left if this crashing bug had ever been fixed.

I want to act like I know that this bug should be easily fixed but I can’t know that but if it really is challenging enough to where it still has no fix then this game shouldn’t allow people to spend money on micro transactions. This product needs fixing and crashes need to be fixed asap. Please.

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Can’t offer anything of value, but man, I love your avatar.